Stock Seed

Stock seed or basic seed is seed which is needed for the production of F1 hybrid seeds. Generative reproduction often happens after a (long) crossing- and selection process. By pollinating a selected plant to itself repeatedly, a pure line will remain after a while. This seed is called the ‘grower’s seed’. This seed is reproduced a number of times by strict selection.

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This is called ‘basic seed’. This (pre-)basic seed or stock seed then serves as the basis from which the seed will be widely reproduced to hybrid seed. The seed that is received from the inbred on a parental line is called stock seed. The genetic characteristics of this seed are very homogeneous, which also causes the parental lines to be weaker because of a lack of heterogeneity.

The homogeneous genetics, however, are needed for the production of a pure F1 Hybrid. The heterosis effect which follows after the crossing of two parental lines obtained in this way makes the hybrid plants stronger.

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