Seed production of vegetable and ornamental crops

SeedCare BV is an independent seed production company with the following goal: producing seeds for glasshouse vegetables and ornamentals for diverse national and international customers. Besides that there are a number of secondary activities at SeedCare BV. The seed productions often come together with a surplus of propagation for the selection of plants that are used for the production of hybrids, stem seeds and OP’s. The propagation of young plant materials from seeds, cuttings and tissue culture happens at SeedCare BV.

Attention for research

This is for the seed productions at SeedCare BV itself, but for seed productions elsewhere as well. The propagated material is then transported to a country and place of destination as half grown. To support the developments in the field of seed production a lot of attention is paid to research. In the field of for instance seed- and pollen quality, a lot is yet to be done. Furthermore, the search for the perfect hybrid in any variety of crop is a never ending process too.

In short, seed productions, hybrids, vegetative reproduction, and the production of ornamentals for the flower auction are part of the broad area in which SeedCare BV operates.

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