SeedCare BV, the professionals

SeedCare BV produces hybrid seeds, stem seeds and OP (open pollination) seeds. Hybrid seeds are created by a combination of inbred on parental lines and their crossings. The hybrid seeds have diverse specific desired characteristics.
Hybrid seeds, conservation and population pollinations are done by SeedCare BV to potted plants, cut flowers and beddings. But we are professionals in greenhouse crops such as tomatoes and cucumber as well.

Focus on the Netherlands

While in the past seed productions were often done in foreign countries, the focus on seed productions has returned to the Netherlands over the past years because of factors like reliability and quality.
SeedCare BV has built up a strong relation with her current customers, which allows us to maintain the valuable and vulnerable parental lines besides the hybrid lines.

SeedCare produces stock seed, that is harvested from self-pollinated plants. Stem seed is used for the conservation of parental lines.
SeedCare also uses ‘open pollination’ (OP). At SeedCare this is being done by insects such as bees, butterflies and flies, or through forced wind pollination. An OP seed production is often applied for cost reduction.

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