Seedcare Nederland

SeedCare BV seedproduction

SeedCare BV is specialised in the production of seeds. Because of the huge amounts of crops with which we have experience, SeedCare BV is able to offer a customized solution to almost every demand towards production. Further, SeedCare BV is equipped with modern facilities, which meet all strict environmental- and climatic demands.

Computer climate control

The greenhouse complex is entirely computer controlled by a state of the art Hoogendoorn climate computer, the Isii 3rd generation. With the help of recent weather forecasts the best climate controls are achieved, which can be set for each department. In productions for new companies the choice of a test cultivation with a small size is often made, to get to know each other as a realtion and to be able to evaluate the new crops for further production demands.

The experience that SeedCare BV has gained over the years, combined with the available knowledge and lots of departments as well as possibilities, make it possible for us to be able to take care of the seed production of both large and small vegetables and ornamentals.

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