SeedCare BV sets you free

SeedCare BV also gives you the option to let us do the selection process for you. The breeder can state their wishes, and we do the selection work for the customer if desired. In this way you have the time and space to work on new crossings and products.
SeedCare BV receives starting material in different forms. This can be seed, tissue culture, cutting, or for instance young plant material. The possibilities are endless at SeedCare BV.

Our business is trust

SeedCare BV offers breeding companies the facilities for optimally produced seed. We have the space, facilities, and knowledge, that allow you to utilize your own area to achieve your breeding goals. Thereby we guarantee the quality, we respect the privacy of the product, and there are short communication lines.
Due to the long lasting process that comes with breeding, everything depends on confidence. SeedCare BV has already received this confidence from lots of national and international operating companies for over 80 years.

Most of the seed production companies are allied to a seed breeding company. There are only a few companies, like SeedCare BV, that work for multiple companies at the same time. Besides that, SeedCare BV works with a diverse range of crops. SeedCare BV also has flexible facilities, with a total of 20 insect free and individually adjustable departments of different sizes (80 to 2000m2), and the expertise to get the maximum out of the crops.

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